Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Couple Weeks at a Glance

Our summer begun with road trips and projects:)Alex went to Camp Mac for the first time and I was a mess
for almost two weeks missing him:)This is a train going in front of my husbands favorite manufacturer;
Blue Bell:)On the way to shop in Panama City with my mother
and I just had to get a picture with Elvis:)
Eating on the deck of Uncle Ernies

This was the first time I ate scallops and I will say
I ate all the food but left those on the side.

Mother had chicken saladThis is a picture of the water: NO OIL!!

These are pictures of our President using the Panama City Harbor
for the oil spill. Notice the lack of resources. They are in America just not at
the Gulf. What is going on?????!!!
People need to see how sorry he is when it comes to helping
FIX America! It would make you mad if you saw this first hand too!!!

The storm that hit on the way home.

Sat by the pool and talked to Leigh about the below dinner:)

Having fun
Below are some pictures of my stay at the Days Inn in Downtown Atlanta
Flames shoot out from the hair dryer plug from this outlet. Scary!!
Other plug we could chose from.
Because the only use one part of the plug, this is the fire hazard they decided to go with.
The other part of this story is that we stayed there for a stressful two nights
and on the first night of our visit Days Inn decided to charge my mastercard
What did they do about it? What did Corporate do about it?
NOTHING!!!! (But cause me more STRESS)
I will NOT ever stay with any Days Inn again!!!
We left the above and picked up Alex from...
Below he shows us SOME things he learned:)

Photo shoot taken at Hissyfits Boutique:)