Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday in reverse!

The band was great and we all enjoyed it sooo much:)
We think this is Lou's sister. We met her at soccer:)

Warming up before his game. Maybe too much:)
Alex playing with a friend:)
Big boys left Trent holding his leg:(

Alex loving being outside:)

Look at Trent show the big boys who's BOSS:)

Dylan practicing:) Have you caught that I'm at three fields yet?

Not happy that I'm at his pep rally:(
This hurt my feelings!!
Dylan would have enjoyed me sitting with him!
Maybe next time:)
Everyone else was very happy!

Cheerleaders in tutus:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

New things going on this week:)

So cute and if you want, you could alter the long sleeve and make it short sleeved:)

More Game Day dresses and clothing have arrived:)

Too cute:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

troy football

Trent throwing the ball while taking the picture:)

John says this young man will be playing pro one day:)

With T-Roy:)
John and Sherry

Eating FREE hot dogs from Kelly's meats:)

Know where this is winner:)

The winner is Sherrey. It was at Seaside:) Downstairs @ Bud & Alleys:) See you later:)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where is this?

Where is this?
If you are the first person to give me the right location (be specific)
you win a FREE silicon watch!
You MUST comment HERE on the blog in order to win:)
The winner will be announced on the blog and can
come by the store after Monday to pick up their watch:)

A Weeks View:)

Fall is here and so are the game day dresses:)
We have a lot of dresses to offer for Alabama, Auburn and Troy!
Here's a great option for that Auburn girl:)

Did I mention Fall was here?
It has exploded at Hissyfits Boutique:)
A lot of these items can be personalized (which we do for FREE)
and we have great, unusual door hangers in stock:)

Great for door hangers or any other decoration:)
Great fall banner:)
We love this for your front door:)

This is what fall means to us...
And yogurt at California Craze:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cute Game Day Dresses

To cute for words!!!
Looks like a Warrr Eagle is coming!
Also comes in the brightest red. Hint, hint:)
Lindsay may kill me for putting up this pic:)))

Look at the detail on this
purple dress!

Anyone want something cute and original for
Roll tide or Go Trojans?

Another great navy dress!!!
Cute detail!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our long weekend:)

Hissyfits Boutique has received a lot of new arrivals
and this is one of our hottest items in the store.
Have you ever seen these necklaces in your area
or do you own one?
Let me know your favorite:)
Our line Bella Donna is growing by leaps and bounds:)
Come look at the great new colors and how some
would be great college game day necklaces:)
Too cute and the black circle on the door is a chalk board:)
This stands on its own or comes with stakes for the yard:)
Welcome fall:)

We have added to our $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10 tables:)
Shop NOW before its all gone:)

We have restocked our Brushfire T-Shirts
and are overflowing:)

Three things that are new (or restocked)
at Hissyfits Boutique:)
1.) The ring: its the latest HOTTTT thing and a must have:)
It's made from the same great designer for the HOUSEWIVES
and has a great Christian meaning. Just call or come by and we will share more:)
2.) The watch: hottest thing in watches since Swatch Watch.
Some call it the Blind Side watch but we can tell you what
watch replicates what designer, just try us:)
We also have it in four designs and sizes AND in over 20 COLORS!!!!
3.) The bracelet: You have to see it to believe it and then you will LOVE IT:)
Have you been here?

Scott and I enjoyed our weekend without the kids at one of our
favorite places on Earth:)

Our cute, small room:)
Spending time with old neighbors:)
Something wrong here?
We were just playing:)
OH NO!!!
Old friends:)
The right way:))