Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This years hottest trend is a
Statement Necklace
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Find below some of our models wearing this great trend
 along with some other photos
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A weekend of flying...

 It was time for market and I had to go by myself so Scott decided he would fly me there and come get me Sunday.
We purchased this airplane over a year ago and this is the first time I have traveled a great distance with him.
 I was a tad bit nervous but my two pilots did a great job and we got there without a hitch:)
 Scott cleaning my window:)
 Scott overjoyed that he could take me flying:)
 Me before we pushed the plane out of the hanger:)
 The runway in Dothan, AL
 Not Lake Eufaula. We were in GA but couldn't tell what lake this was.
 One of the many quarries in GA:)
 Look who decided to come with daddy to pick me up! I was NERVOUS on the way home due to cloud cover so I gave him my phone to play with so he wouldn't notice his mom freaking out:(
 Leaving the private air club at Charlie Brown in Atlanta
 About to go into the clouds! And over the busiest airport in the United States! This was rough:(
We made it to sunny Dothan, AL! Look how happy:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Again...Yes, Again!

You may wonder why I am posting these fabulous necklaces AGAIN. well, the simple answer is because one of my employees has found another great way to wear them and I wanted to share it with you in time for Christmas buying AND before they are all sold out. Come check us out at the store and we can get you on the way to these great looks:)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Lovely Grandmother

On October 1, 2012 my Grandmother went to Heaven. We will all miss her but we know she is free from pain and her spirit is with us.

Some of my memories:
  • Going on golf cart rides with her
  • Her letting all the grandchildren drive an El Camino in the pecan orchard at a VERY young age
  • She always had biscuits under a tin dome waiting for butter and syrup from a bear container
  • The smell of her strong coffee
  • That she never drank alcohol but if I was sick; the Wild Turkey came out of the kitchen cabinet
  • Sitting with her at church
  • She would pile up quilts on me when I stayed the night so high that I couldn't move
  • Eating lunch with her while attending Troy University and working at The Montgomery Zoo
  • She always had a mint or half a stick of DoubleMint gum in her purse to give me
  • She always loved watches (SO DO I!) and that was her treat from my mother and I
  • Her hands
God, take care of my Grandmother and I know she is singing a pretty tune for you:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Storm is Coming, Fishing and Time with Family and Friends

So I took a day to be with my family on the beach before a large storm came on Sept. 30th and didn't realize what a wonderful peace it would give me. Looking back I am so glad that I did it to center myself for what was to happen on Monday, Oct. 1st.
Remember readers, THIS is what we are here on earth for:)
Family and Friends
 This is a picture of my son holding his first of 40 or so fish he caught over a 2 day period. 
This one was within the first 5 minutes of fishing for the day.
Do you see his fishing poll? That's right, he caught his fish with a water bottle, a yard of fishing line, a sinker, a hook and some shrimp. (He thinks the shrimp were better on the second day since he left them outside over night to get good and stinky)
Smart kid or a kid that really loves fishing~you decide:)
 #2 up close. He is a pompano fish
 a smaller pompano fish
 A pin fish
Notice his Love 2 Run shirt? That's another adventure I will have to explain:)
 Another pin fish
 Look what I caught found! I believe it's a skate and not a sting ray egg case. It had already hatched.

 The storm closing in on us.
It was coming from both the Destin and the Panama City directions and there was no escaping it:(

 This is a picture of my husband! Isn't he the cutest?!?
Look at the water! I have never seen it that shade of green before and this pic is NOT doctored. I guess the salt content was changing or something technical like that because of the storm that made it the prettiest shades of green and blue.
Come by to see us at either of the stores and say hi. Until then, keep following our adventures here and on facebook or instagram. Have a great Wednesday:)