Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Door or Wall Hangings and Gifts for everyday and Easter:)

These are ALL way too cute:)

Great for your front door or get it as a gift for your
child's teachers front door:)
I know when I was a teacher I dreamed of gifts like this:)

Brag about your loved ones Birthday!!!

Too many styles to show here but we love this new
CHRISTIAN t-shirt line:)
These are FAB and exclusive to Hissyfits Boutique!!
We love this new, Christian lead artist!!
Do you think this is like the greatest Easter Bunny ever?
It looks like he is straight from "Alice in Wonderland"!

We also have this large, whimsical bunny great for the Eater season!
This carrot is great and we can put a single initial on it for you for free!
Great teacher gift too!! It's only $28.99!


Since I have now heard that my mom reads my post daily
I have been doing my taxes:(((
I thought this was tooooo funnny!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Having FUN:)

Lindsay painting and us goofing off:)
New t-shirt display

Graduation bucket with spa wraps:)

Eating at one of the many new restaurants

Alex drinking a grenn apple soda mixer.
Not what he thought it would be:)
Yummy onion rings:)

Look! We all ate them up:)

Trent eating a bacon cheeseburger.

Dylan is always eating:)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Great things for Easter

Some great new items just in time for Spring and Easter:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Arrivals and it looks like Spring has sprung:)

Some of the rings we made for examples:)
This is a ring company that has made rings fun and CHANGEABLE:)
Getting ready for the beach?
I know we are!

Look at our adorable oil paintings:)
You know you want one!
He's waiting for his cousin:)

Great makeup bags and washable:)
Matching duffel bag:)

Matching dress bag and it is LONG:)
Can you guess what this is?
It's our new graduation wall with items starting at $14.99:)

Prom jewelry is here with more on its way by Monday:)

Diamonds and pearls:)
Fun wall hangings:)

We think this tall urn in the background would make
a cute front door hanging!
We can put a single initial on it if needed:)
Look at the wall hangings:)

J girl wearing our great Mahlon Grace line in "Jeans"

Doesn't she look happy?

Ok, back story. J stalks the UPS man for the new jewelry that come in:)

This is her modeling the new Sorrelli "Eggshell"

Fashion Pulse Daily Interviews After the Project Runway Show | Fashion Pulse Daily

Fashion Pulse Daily Interviews After the Project Runway Show Fashion Pulse Daily

Click above to see the jewelry provided by Sorrelli's MiMi collection on Julia!

Facebook | Hissyfits Boutique, LLC

Facebook Hissyfits Boutique, LLC

Ok, we are at a nice even 500 fans on our facebook page but would like to get to 1,000 fans before the end of Feb.:) Click above and tell your friends to become a fan!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Arrivals at Hissyfits Boutique:)

Interchangable rings:) Oh my!

All of these are great graduation gifts and most of them
are UNDER $20.00!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

MORE New Sorrelli colors coming Monday:)

Necklace from the Mimi Collection:)
The popular "KEY":)



Valentine's Day Weekend

Love these pictures! Have you kissed your love today?
Well, as many of you know our weekend started off with a snow day Friday!!

This is two of my children playing at our great neighbor's house that actually had enough

of the white stuff stick in their yard to make snowballs:)

Our yard has a lot of oak trees so we didn't get as much as others in the hood:)

This is two of my my boys and another neighbor building a snow cat:0

Thanks for the pictures Tammy!!

This is what I got this morning from my lovely husband Scott for

Valentine's Day:)

Lindsay worked hard at telling him to get this to surprise me.

Thanks Linds:)

By the way, he smelled it and said,

"That's why my car smelled like this after you an dLinds got back

from B'ham."

Too funny!

Scott hired a babysitter last night that was great to the kids

and we went to the movies to see Dear John.

It was a very good movie and pulled the heart strings

of many women around the world that have to

let their loved ones go fight for our freedom:)

I would like to say again

Thank you to all you military men and women who fight for us

and thanks to all the families that get left behind:)

Now, to make you military laugh, my husband is in the Air Force and is a Hurricane Hunter with the Biloxi unit and of course the planes are C130 J models. Well, I sat by a young man trying to impress his girlfriend and he starts yelling out everything military in the movie by name like he is a know it all and some big deal. So, he proceeds to tell her the C17 in the movie is a C130 and he has flown in one and names most everything else wrong. It was classic!!! I sat there laughing inside.

This is the movie I am going to see today with Aimee and Lindsay:)


By the way, what did you do or get for Vday? Was it a sparkle from Hissyfits?:)