Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Had I lost my mind or am I genius?

The Friday of the remodel I hosted a dual birthday party for two of my sons, Alex and Trent.
It was a bold and crazy move and I was very stressed because the remodel had NOT progressed like I had projected BUT it was at FunZone and all the stress melted away!
I walked in and the girls working at FunZone took over and helped me out with every detail:)
Did I mention we had over 60 children show up?
You think crazy but it was the first Friday after school had started
and everyone needed this. It was time to take a breathe and get
back in touch with old friends and make new ones:)
Alex and his "guy" friends:) They are growing up FAST and too cool for school:)
Alex and his girl friends:) yep, they are all his girl friends:)
Notice him killing me in this picture:)
All the girls being silly with Alex:)
His fishing cake:)
This is Trent and his "guy" friends. They were all such great kids and
everyone had a great time!
This is the girls getting in on some camera time and Trent's friend
looking on with wonder:)
Everyone loved his cake and he was getting inpatient with me
not for the cake but what was on it:)
Trick candle
Finally, what he had been waiting for:)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Holiday Sorrelli is arriving THIS WEEK!!!

I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the new Holiday Sorrelli Collection
It arrives this week!!!
Feel free to preorder anything you see and look at the full catalog
on Hissyfits Boutique, LLC facebook
(click on the picture above)
or come by the store and see some of the pieces:)
Raw Sugar

Emerald City

French Blush

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Large Undertaking

Well, I have finally decided to go insane and take on a huge undertaking!
Two weeks ago my staff and I started on Sunday Aug. 14th boxing things up, covering things up and tearing things down!
One of the first things we had to do is scrape the girls off the windows. It was sad seeing them go since they have been apart of Hissyfits for the last six years (I had them painted when we where alittle over a year old). This one was supposed to resemble Hannah Dean because she came to work when the artist was there and he thought it was cool:)
Ashton and Morgan putting up jewelry so it wouldn't get damaged:)
No one knew what we had ahead of us and how we would hurt every morning!
To be honest I am still stiff in the morning and the bruises have not all healed:)
This is Sarah wrapping things up and soon this case would be her project to paint:)
This painting was me and my dog "Sissy". She has passed now:(
Last, we put putty in all the holes before calling it a night
and found there was more putty than wall.
I then did what any good boss would do after a hard days work
and treated them to one of my favorite places to eat:
Red Elephant!!!