Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Liquid Metal?

What is Liquid Metal??
Why it's one of the hottest growing jewelry lines in the world!
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About the artist:
Sergio Gutierrez was born in Colombia, in 1965. He studied electronics engineering while living in Medellin, Colombia. In 1991, he moved to San Francisco where he began researching ways of using ball chain to create a mesh like fabric. After two years, he developed what is now the basis of his “Liquid Metal Mesh” jewelry and accessory line. In 1994, designer Betsy Johnson was the first to approach Sergio about creating exclusive designs for her chain of retail stores. She carried his line for two years. He decided to relocate to Miami and then came companies such as Nordstrom, Babe and Cache, when his company started to grow.
Sergio's creativity and dreams for his business continued. He developed techniques for incorporating his “Liquid Metal Mesh” with leather bags, bracelets, belts and jackets along with blue jean pants and skirts.
In 2003, he was granted a patent for creating a unique technique he has named, “Liquid Microchips”, electronic circuitry components have been altered to resemble the most delicate, intricate decorative elements. Sergio fondly refers to them as the “skeletons of today's inside technology”. These “skeletons” are incorporated into his mesh, objects collection and leather items.
His designs are collected and worn by celebrities such as Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia Wettig, Marilyn Manson, Sara Michelle Gellar, Tony Braxton, Sharon Stone, Thalia, Tyra Banks and many more.
Clients who wear his jewelry and accessories daily, as if they were extension of themselves, value the comfort and uniqueness of the wonderful mesh designs Sergio has created."

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