Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maggie with our newest creation.
It is a chalk board wreath which you can hang on your door and
is great for leaving notes to your family and friends.
We will be making a lot of these for college students
and can change out the bows to fit your needs.
We have had a lot of great ideas from our customers for future door hangers!!!
Thank you for your support.
A family that needed extra income has offered to make
this task easier:)
Ribbon candy I bought for the girls to try at the store.

Here is Lindsay trying her first ever piece
of ribbon candy!! Jennifer had never tried it either.
I think only one of my 6 employees has had ribbon candy!!
Ok, I admit, I had never had any before yesterday either.
I think it's because of the price!!!!

Claire thinking we are CRAZY for making over ribbon candy while ringing up a customer.

Cassie and Maggie posing.

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