Monday, December 21, 2009

More blog updates.

The guy at Inside Accents is great at making your dreams come true!! Get it?
Trent wanted to do a bird house after seeing the pretty ones in France at Disney.

Sending Alex a picture of one of his friends in the store with her cute dog.

Lou was busy making fast friends with a pug named Charlie while we where at Disney.
It looks like Charlie is wanting to know when Lou is leaving. HA HA!!!

My cousins Andy and Anthony with Anthony and Jennifer's daughter. We went for a ride in Goshen, AL in the bucket part of my Uncle Ed's tractor.

Scott doing his Elvis.

Trent wanting to get in on the picture

Alex posing for a picture for me to text to one of his friends.
It was a girl so that's why he is by a flower!!!

I want to go back and visit Germany SOOO BAD!!!

German candy, nothing like it!!!

At the hotel with cousin Conner.

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