Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My sweet Lindsay nominated me and my blog for an award and here are the rules:

I have to write 10 interesting things about me and nominate 10 other bloggers.

10 interesting things about me:
1. I am married to a great, sweet, sometimes stylish (ha,ha) man.
2. I have 3 wonderful boys that are all boy all the time:)
3. I own my own business: Hissyfits Boutique
4. I have great employees that I call "My Girls" which causes confusion with people. They then think Scott and I have daughters.
5. I am a military daughter (Army) and have travelled the world. So, therefore, I have friends worldwide:)))
6. I am crafty and used to make my boys clothes (smocking and so on), quilt, paint, make hair bows, flip flops, and even do pottery.
7. I worked at the Montgomery Zoo for 2 years.
8. I am a certified teacher K thru 6th grade.
9. I am a raptor rehabilitator and can also rehab small mammals and birds.
10. I own, or should I say my boys own, a snake. Santa brought us a Western Hognose from the Everglades Herp Farm. He actually arrived via UPS!!! LOL His name is Hoggie and came to keep the boys from catching wild snakes. WARNING: THIS METHOD DOES NOT WORK!!! A-man is on his 10th wild snake.

I nominate:
This will have to come later after I figure out how to write their blogs and names:)

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