Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seasonal Whispers - Who We Are

Seasonal Whispers - Who We Are: "New York artists Esther Lixenberg and Yafit Goldfarb are the mother and daughter design team behind Seasonal Whispers. Classically trained musicians and painters, they fashion their collections with music and art.
Introducing a new collection that lets you change your mind and your mood without changing your jewelry.
The secret is reversible motifs. On one side, your pendant is simple elegance. Turn it around and you’ve got a glitzy look. Or you might have a vintage design that reverses to a funky concept.
Designed and individually crafted in the Seasonal Whispers studio in downtown Tribeca, this collection reflects New York fashion trends where both 50’s Retro and Military looks set the tone today. Browns and beiges are the base colors in combinations with pink, blue and green.
Beautifully hand set with Swarovski crystals or Czechoslovakian pearls, each piece has the look and feel of a precious gift.
From Seasonal Whispers to you. With love."

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