Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Love these pictures! Have you kissed your love today?
Well, as many of you know our weekend started off with a snow day Friday!!

This is two of my children playing at our great neighbor's house that actually had enough

of the white stuff stick in their yard to make snowballs:)

Our yard has a lot of oak trees so we didn't get as much as others in the hood:)

This is two of my my boys and another neighbor building a snow cat:0

Thanks for the pictures Tammy!!

This is what I got this morning from my lovely husband Scott for

Valentine's Day:)

Lindsay worked hard at telling him to get this to surprise me.

Thanks Linds:)

By the way, he smelled it and said,

"That's why my car smelled like this after you an dLinds got back

from B'ham."

Too funny!

Scott hired a babysitter last night that was great to the kids

and we went to the movies to see Dear John.

It was a very good movie and pulled the heart strings

of many women around the world that have to

let their loved ones go fight for our freedom:)

I would like to say again

Thank you to all you military men and women who fight for us

and thanks to all the families that get left behind:)

Now, to make you military laugh, my husband is in the Air Force and is a Hurricane Hunter with the Biloxi unit and of course the planes are C130 J models. Well, I sat by a young man trying to impress his girlfriend and he starts yelling out everything military in the movie by name like he is a know it all and some big deal. So, he proceeds to tell her the C17 in the movie is a C130 and he has flown in one and names most everything else wrong. It was classic!!! I sat there laughing inside.

This is the movie I am going to see today with Aimee and Lindsay:)


By the way, what did you do or get for Vday? Was it a sparkle from Hissyfits?:)

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  1. So glad you like your surprise :) I can't wait until the movies today!!