Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway!!!

I am happy to say that Hissyfits Boutique is having its first
giveaway and it's for Valentine's Day!!
Here's the RULES:
~Become a follower/already a follower (1 entry)
*Make sure in your comment to let me know if you are a follower
~Tell me something sweet, funny or (heaven for bid) not too sweet about
Valentine's day (1 entry)
The DEADLINE to ENTER is Wed., Feb. 10th!!!
Good Luck!
I will have to post a picture of the actual prize later due to computer problems:(


  1. I love valentines day......I think its because of all the red and pink! Pink is my fave! And love.....who couldn't use a little loving?

    I'm a new follower! Thanks!

  2. Hey Im a new follower and lets see something sweet...Well lets see.
    Vday 2007 I had to be in Birmingham at UAB due to some cancer related surgery so my fieance and I wouldnt be able to do anything that day. So the night before he got me a hotel and had it entirly decked out with flower pettles and candles. It was the best Vday he even go my fav. ice cream and had it in the mini fridge! So the next day when I was all medicated up I wasnt that sad because I already had the best valentine ever!!!