Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The fun of LAST Week:)

We put this together Sat. with all of our
new Easter and Spring Arrivals:)
I can just see this at someones front entry way:)
How do you decorate for Spring?
These two pictures are the result of all our hard work:)
We just received over 100 new pairs of earrings and tons of other
accessories that would be great for prom or other fun events:)
Like a cruise!!!
What would you wear a pair of these earrings too?

A wreath that we thought was just too stinkin' cute.
I'm not sure if they are Alabama fans but we did this to match their house:)

The winner of our heart contest on facebook:)

Diane next door at Allstate pulling the winners name:)

The names in the basket:)
Cut up:)

The names written down and ready for the drawing:)
Someones going to get the cutest heart door hanger!!!

Pickle with his balls. Showing me that one is clean and one is dirty:)
Trent practicing his throw over the building:)
All three of my boys are going to play ball this year!
Please pray for me:) LOL

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