Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to Amy Butler luggage

Amy Butler started her business in the late 1980s, designing passport sized bags out of fabrics and materials that she enjoyed collecting from all over the world. Her love for combining the eclectic has embodied her work into a culture in and of itself. Because her love for nature and art as an artist has deviated her from conventional trends, she has come to inspire many other artists to present their ideas and styles from a much more intimate and unique perspective.
The new collection will consist of eco-friendly bags, including: lifestyle fashionable bags, totes, small luggage, wheeled carry-on, duffel, diaper bags, lingerie envelopes, laptop bag, and complimenting accessories designed by Amy Butler herself.

The patterns and colors on these bags are extremely vivid, detailed, and just plain gorgeous! Her taste for color, stitching, patterns, and prints truly radiates from each finished product, both inside and out. Whether you’re traveling abroad or heading to the local grocery store, these bags make a fun and fashionable statement anywhere you go! It is a quilter’s dream when you’re surrounded by and wearing these beautifully patterned pieces of what are essentially aesthetic paragons of art.
Come by and see Amy Butler's luggage line exclusively at Hissyfits Boutique in Dothan, AL:)

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