Thursday, October 28, 2010

JPK Handbag

JPK Paris Handbags have the JPK Paris signature logo on the side grommets and a Italian leather shoulder strap. JPK Bucket Bag are made of the great looking, high quality durable weight nylon fabric and can be easily spot cleaned.
JPK Handbags founder, Jean-Pierre Klifa, designed this comfortable, trendy and practical style nylon bucket bag, that is roomy, light weight and fun to carry.Jean-Pierre Klifa is the creative force behind JPK Paris Handbags. He has designed over the years for many brands and continues to design for well known labels in France, Italy and the USA.
His talent for bringing form, color and material together is the defining trait central to his unique designs. Get yours now at Hissyfits Boutique and enjoy this fun nylon bag!

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