Friday, January 7, 2011

Humanity Bracelets

This blog is dedicated to one of my friends (neighbor) that just recently left our street in Dothan. Before she left she bought the above bracelet from my store (Hissyfits Boutique) to give to one of her friends, Heidi, from the Atlanta area as an early Christmas gift. Heidi loved it so much that she wrote a review about the bracelet on her facebook page:) The above picture is of Heidi modeling her bracelet:) We miss you Lori and family and we send you all these positive thoughts:)
Rave reviews in magazines:)

This wrap bracelet is taking fashion by storm and it's more than a fashion statement, it's a Humanity statement:)

We carry almost the whole line of Humanity at Hissyfits Boutique so call us at 334-677-1558 if you'd like us to drop one in the mail to you:)

The Christian version of the humanity bracelet can be found at Hissyfits Boutique:)

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