Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Us?

New Year, New Us? That is the question. We started back to school yesterday and have lots of things flip flopped around the beginning of this year already. Scott's on a different schedule and that means the boys and I are too. We started off this morning nice and slow with some pictures of our newest addition... Griffon. He is Dylan's new dog but we all share him and love him (even Lou!) and we all tolerate his SMELL. If you've ever had a loved pet with bad gas you can empathize with me on how hard this can be:) He has what we call "the worst silent but deadly's"!!!

This is our new toy that I purchased for Hissyfits Boutique and one for our home. It's called "The Claw" and is GREAT! We hope it will help us and other mothers keep kids entertained so they can do some much needed shopping:)

Alex seemed to enjoy playing "The Claw" and loved the rewards-CANDY! That's all we need. I don't know how it will do with carrots and califlower but I know Trent would like that:) LOL

This is what I walked in on Alex doing in the other boys room. I sat while he told me the story behind his elaborate set up and then took lots of pictures which made him smile from ear to ear!
Above... The two men on the bridge are telling each side what to do in the war because they themselves are too skinny to fight.
Below...See the man with the bazooka (he's small and green), he's going to help the Indians and is a traitor.
The picture above shows why the Army and Indians are fighting. The Army killed the Cheif!!!

That's a lot of Army!!!
Here's the back up waiting to get orders to take action!

Here is a pirate and we don't know why he has shown up but he looks like he is "crazy".

The battle is about to take place and the bridge is about to be blown by the bazooka man!!! Oh, NOOOOOO.....

Back to reality. Lots of homework for the other two Wiley boys and then baths and reading. No FUN HERE!!! We have very little time for much else on Monday's:)

Hope you got all your spelling done and had a great Monday:)

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