Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A weekend of flying...

 It was time for market and I had to go by myself so Scott decided he would fly me there and come get me Sunday.
We purchased this airplane over a year ago and this is the first time I have traveled a great distance with him.
 I was a tad bit nervous but my two pilots did a great job and we got there without a hitch:)
 Scott cleaning my window:)
 Scott overjoyed that he could take me flying:)
 Me before we pushed the plane out of the hanger:)
 The runway in Dothan, AL
 Not Lake Eufaula. We were in GA but couldn't tell what lake this was.
 One of the many quarries in GA:)
 Look who decided to come with daddy to pick me up! I was NERVOUS on the way home due to cloud cover so I gave him my phone to play with so he wouldn't notice his mom freaking out:(
 Leaving the private air club at Charlie Brown in Atlanta
 About to go into the clouds! And over the busiest airport in the United States! This was rough:(
We made it to sunny Dothan, AL! Look how happy:)

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