Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Lovely Grandmother

On October 1, 2012 my Grandmother went to Heaven. We will all miss her but we know she is free from pain and her spirit is with us.

Some of my memories:
  • Going on golf cart rides with her
  • Her letting all the grandchildren drive an El Camino in the pecan orchard at a VERY young age
  • She always had biscuits under a tin dome waiting for butter and syrup from a bear container
  • The smell of her strong coffee
  • That she never drank alcohol but if I was sick; the Wild Turkey came out of the kitchen cabinet
  • Sitting with her at church
  • She would pile up quilts on me when I stayed the night so high that I couldn't move
  • Eating lunch with her while attending Troy University and working at The Montgomery Zoo
  • She always had a mint or half a stick of DoubleMint gum in her purse to give me
  • She always loved watches (SO DO I!) and that was her treat from my mother and I
  • Her hands
God, take care of my Grandmother and I know she is singing a pretty tune for you:)

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