Monday, October 8, 2012

Leather & Crosses


When shopping through the thousands of bracelet choices one must possess a leather bracelet.
Once you wear it, it will become one of your favorites, not just for the attention that the design may catch but also for the comfort. 
The designs photographed below have been with Hissyfits Boutique for well over a year and the designer has always had her eye on the hottest trends, most supple leathers and lavish silks. She knew just when to start hammering her metals and turning her silver into gold and we here at Hissyfits know we can trust her to stay on trend.  Her latest developments include pearls, turquoise and now COINS! We have even asked from time to time to alter some looks to become even more unique and with a simple "yes, we can do that" the Hissyfits clientele have been able to purchase even more unique designs than ever. 
We love the rich, subtle look of leather but put a CROSS on it--and we are SOLD!
Thank you for bringing your talent to the retail stage and sharing it with your friends here at both Hissyfits Boutique in Dothan, AL and in Rosemary Beach, FL:)
Enjoy the pictures:) 
This is the standard and exotic leathers in both hammered silver and gold:)

A close up:)

Mother of Pearl bracelet on brown leather:)

I don't know if this is lamb skin BUT I do know it's one of the softest leathers I have ever felt!
And I adore the pearl cross:)
Standard Leathers:)

Metallic Leathers:)

And last but not least, we love these colored leathers:)
Come see us at one of our locations or free to call us at 334-677-1558 and we can ship you one of these great leather bracelets. Trust me when I say~"These are worth having a Hissyfit over!"
Come see us soon:)

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